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Fresh Hot Coffee provides your inexpensive web Ad pages for on mobile devices, PC and Mac.

Initially web Ad pages for Coffee Shops to Restaurants to Food Vans and Trucks in UK and USA. Now we do all sorts, contact us to discuss your needs.


Customers are migrating away from the traditional desk top PC / Mac to iPad's*, iPhone's*, Tablets and Smartphones for Internet viewing - shopping.

2015 the trend continues and is reportedly expected to continue as we make the transition to mobile web devices. Tablets will become the PC of the future (scratch that)...'tomorrow'.

Here at Fresh Hot Coffee design we help you get a step ahead and make the move to provide a mobile friendly website while still being PC and Mac viewable / keep your present website.

We can provide you with a mobile landing Ad page for your traditional PC viewing website visitors. This way you still have your main website.

Welcome to Fresh Hot Coffee mobile design, we started  with Cafe's, Coffee Shops, Restaurants, Food Vans and Trucks in UK - USA. Now we service the full range of small businesses. Contact us today... 

Building mobile web Ad pages with good coffee and imagination. Makes 'em Pop-Out!

Mobile web optimized
iPad*, Tablet, Notepad,  iPhone*, Smartphone, MAC and PC viewable.

The home of "Something quite social for Coffee lovers!"

Our mobile friendly web Ad pages place you right into the hands of your target market audience.

Slim, light and no waste make them fast to download and ez to view on mobile devices via WiFi or 3G / 4G.

With or without Social Media side bar with your links.

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  We Design your mobile web Ad page's

  We SEO your mobile web Ad page's

  We Promote your mobile web Ad page's

  We can Host your mobile web Ad page's

  We do not overcharge for these services

We have a large resource of #Web #Templates from basic #HTML5 websites to full #eCommerce shop websites. Plus we have #Facebook #Templates to give your Facebook page a professional look.

Please note that Hosting and Domain Name are required in addition to a website template.

For CAFE' Templates CLICK HERE




Need a good domain name, we can help you secure one (rent) for your business Ad page.

Need a good email address, we presently recommend Google web mail. Ask us why?

Contact us for our all-in-one annual service packages:


We are based not far from Cambridge, UK.

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